The Weardale Gazette's office has now closed

To the readers and supporters of The Weardale Gazette

The Weardale Publishing and Printing Company have now ceased printing The Weardale Gazette and the office is now officially closed pending the winding up of the parent company, The Weardale Publishing and Printing Company.

Sadly, after 32 years of publishing the final edition of The Weardale Gazette was published in December 2019.

As people have turned to online sources, hundreds of newspaper titles in the country have disappeared. It seems that people now prefer to get their local information from websites and social media, rather than traditional printed papers and new generations simply don’t read newspapers.

We thank everyone for supporting the paper over the last three decades. Our office in Stanhope was an archive of everything that has happened in Weardale over that time. We have agreed to donate the Gazette's archive of newspapers and photos to the Weardale Museum, so that they can continue to be accessed by the people of Weardale.

The intention is to sell the office in Stanhope and use the proceeds of the sale to reimburse our creditors and the shareholders who initially invested in the company. Anyone with an outstanding postal or email subscription will be reimbursed an outstanding monies that they are owed.

Thank you for your support,

The directors and staff of The Weardale Gazette