The Weardale Gazette has four employees: Editor - Anita Atkinson, Publication Designer - Lisa Parkin and Accounts - Angela Turnball.  Between us we create the fortnightly publication of the Weardale Gazette, the bi annual publication of the Remember When and the annual calendar. The pillars of the whole show are our Directors, they are volunteers that have supported and guided the Weardale Gazette since 1987 and still carry on doing so.


All of us at the Weardale Gazette would like to thank each and every one of our loyal followers for being by our side whilst we live our dream – providing our local community with the latest news on our much loved Weardale.

For a small team, we do big things


We work more hours than are naturally possible to make the Weardale Gazette what it has become, simply because …….


we love what we do