Advertisers will be looked after by Lisa Parkin – Business Dev/Advertising
We can tailor advertising to meet YOUR needs from Black & White to Full Colour.

Special Offer

New advertisers can take advantage of our special advertising feature:
Book an 1/8th page advert (10cm. X 13.39cm wide) and receive an extra 1/8 page FREE for your advertising feature.

Standard Rates

Black and White
£3.10 per 1cm column width (excludes vat)
Discounts available

Prices vary for colour adverts for front and back pages
Please ring Lisa  on 01388 527706 or email her at lisawp@btconnect.comwith your requirements

Residential Classified Adverts

20p per word (includes vat)

Business Classified Adverts

Boxed adverts, £3.10 per cm column x 6.35cm wide + vat.

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