County Council’s plans to ‘re-model’ school may include closing down its historic building

As Wolsingham School approaches its 400th anniversary, the building, which people will flock to, is under threat of extinction.  Durham County Council has revealed it has ‘multi-millions’ of pounds to spend on Wolsingham School now seen as a priority because of the Tunstall road that runs between the lower and upper school.  In a move to ‘safeguard’ students crossing the road between lessons, it will spend the money on ‘re-modelling’ either the lower or upper school to ensure the school is situated entirely on one side of the road only.  As the expensive sports hall and swimming pool are situated on the east side of the road along with the dilapidated upper school, it seems feasible to believe that the 1911 building on the lower site will no longer be part of the school.  The Weardale Gazette appeals to former students to rise up to the fight to keep the lowe school building as part of the school and urges readers to make their feelings known in writing to the leader of Durham County Council, Simon Henig, and to head teacher, Deborah Merrett.

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