DVDs available from the Gazette office

Weardale Memories by Chris Ruskin – Recollections of a farming and mining past recorded this year from older residents, who experienced life in Weardale when most farms were still occupied, talk about their experiences in the farming community and in mining.  Often there are fond memories of times which were hard.  What is the future for farming in Weardale?  £5.99 + postage of 86p = £6.85

The Disappearing Farms of Weardale by Chris Ruskin – Travel anywhere in Weardale and you will notice remnants of bygone farms scattered here and there.  These farms, once occupied by people eking out a living in this harsh landscape, are reminders of the Dale’s post history.  The film features over 100 of these farms.  £5.99 + postage of 86p = £6.85

Special offer – Purchase the above 2 DVDs for £10.00 + £2 P&P = £12.00

WEARDALE – Clearing the Forest by Peter Bowes, second edition – The 1990 version of Clearing the Forest has long been out of print.  Digital printing and the use of colour have resulted in 10 chapters, 70,500 words, 70 images and 52 maps which convey a historical geography of the growth of Stanhope and the Wolsingham parishes between 700 – 1900AD.  Who were the generations working to clear the land? What were the visible marks they left? £10.00 + £2 P&P =£12.

Pay by card over the phone or send a cheque payable to: Weardale Publishing and Printing Co. Ltd. to 6 Market Place, Stanhope, Co. Durham, DL13 2UJ.


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