Sheila Hogarth retirement.

Office Manager: Sheila Hogarth

Sheila Hogarth - Office Manager

 A valued and long-serving employee of the Weardale Gazette has retired.

Sheila Hogarth who has worked at the newspaper offices for 28 years has decided to call it a day. She began her marathon career in 1989, just two years after the community paper was founded. She shared a tiny office in a portable building in the grounds of Eastgate Cement Works, working alongside Maureen Thomas and the then editor, Phil Sewell from Rookhope, and later Tom Ayre from Lanehead.

A former employee of the old Weardale rural District Council, a mother of two – and an attentive grandmother – used her typing and office skills to help the Gazette survive in the early days. She became the stalwart of the company that was eventually formed and her knowledge of the Dale and its people have been invaluable.

All of the team will miss Sheila very much. Anita Atkinson says; “There’s not much Sheila doesn’t know about the Dale, its recent history and its inhabitants – she is related to most of them!”

Sheila was born in Stanhope, a farmer’s daughter and the youngest of nine children. Sheila is married to Ronald, one of a large family originally from Rookhope.  She said, “The last 28 years at the Weardale Gazette have been happy times.  I am going to miss the customers popping in and everyone I work with; the directors, past and present, especially Maureen. They have been a joy to work with and they have given me help whenever I have needed it. It has been a roller coaster ride with no two days alike.”

Sheila is celebrating her retirement with a holiday in Scotland with family, friends and four dogs! She also has a cruise booked for later in the year. “Ronald and I are going to do whatever we want and enjoy retirement,” said Sheila.

Weardale Gazette Director, Maureen Thomas states: “I’m proud to call Sheila a friend. She has been the most conscience and reliable employee any company could wish for.”

We wish her, Ronald and all the family, the very best for the future. We will miss you, Sheila!

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